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Eastern Canada and the Caribbean
Kiwanis Motto: Serving the Children of the World
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Past Lieutenant Governors Committee Policies


Preamble:  The Past Lieutenant Governors’ Committee was requested to be formed in order to put to use the expertise and experience of Past Lieutenant Governors.  Formation of this committee began in 1980.  Original Policies were passed by the District Board of Trustees on August 15, 1984 and amended at the August, 1998 Annual Meeting of the PLG Committee, held in conjunction with the EC&C District Convention in Trois-Rivières.




This organization shall be known as the "Past Lieutenant Governors’ Committee, Eastern Canada and the Caribbean District, of Kiwanis International”.  It shall also be referred to as the PLG Committee.


B- Vision and Mission Statements:


VISION STATEMENT: As an engaged group of Kiwanis leaders within our diverse and unique District of Eastern Canada the Caribbean, the PLG Committee is committed to building a strong and viable District. The PLG Committee works closely with all District governing bodies, and particularly Club leaders, in developing and implementing innovative ways to ensure the District maintains its role as the premier service organization delivering needed services to the children of our District.


MISSION STATEMENT: The District PLG Committee, through Divisional sub-committees, will ensure all PLGs will be able to participate in the future of our District. The PLG Committee will actively participate, along with the Executive, and Board of Trustees in the development of District Bylaws and Policy and Procedures. This committee will also play an active role in District activities ncluding District Conventions and Regional meetings and will work closely with Club leaders to effect positive changes in membership growth and service. The committee is committed to a sustainable District through positive involvement of all PLGs.




The Purposes of this Committee shall be:


  1. 1. To consider and report to the District Governor and the District Board of Trustees on all matters referred to it by the Governor or     the District Board of Trustees:
    1. To aid and assist in District Conventions, Regional and Division meetings, as requested by the Governor, District  Trustees or Lieutenant Governors.
    2. To assist the Credentials Committee at District Conventions by setting-up and running the Delegate Credentials Desk.
  2. To host and finance a First Timers’ event at each District Convention.
  3. To promote the adoption of Division Past Lieutenant Governors Councils or Associations in every Division and thereby to help strengthen and maintain service provided by Kiwanis Clubs in their respective Divisions. Division Past Lieutenant Governors’ Council or Association shall assist in recruiting District Trustees for their respective Region and Lieutenant Governors for their respective Divisions.
  4. To provide assistance to Lieutenant Governors and District Trustees.
  5. Work to aid in maintaining harmony and unity in the Divisions.
  6. To assist and promote new Club Development in all organizations of the Kiwanis Family throughout the District.
  7. To promote and support all Service Leadership Programs (SLPs) within the District.
  8. To promote participation by all clubs in both District and Kiwanis International fundraising and service projects.
  9. To promote and support the translation of Kiwanis material from English into French in order to realize    the formation of new French speaking Clubs in all organizations of the Kiwanis Family in both Eastern Canada and the Caribbean. 
  10. To promote the Kiwanis Foundations.
  11. To provide an opportunity for fellowship among Past Lieutenant Governors.
  12. To promote continuing interest and participation of Past Lieutenant Governors in District affairs.




All Past Lieutenant Governors, who are still members of Clubs within the District, have membership in this Committee.




  1. The Executive of the Past Lieutenant Governors' Committee shall be elected at the Committee's Annual Meeting, held in conjunction with the District Convention.  
  2. The Executive of the Past Lieutenant Governors' Committee shall be the Chair, the Vice-Chair, the Secretary, the Treasurer and the Immediate Past Chair, whose duties shall be those generally pertaining to such offices. The Executive shall enter upon their official duties on the first day of October of each year and shall serve for a term of one (1) year.  Consecutive one-year terms may be permitted to a maximum of three terms.




  1. There should be a member of the Past Lieutenant Governors' Committee in each Division who will act as "Divisional Contact". The role of this Divisional Contact will be to act as liaison between the Past Lieutenant Governors' Committee Executive and the Past Lieutenant Governors' Committee members in each Division. The Division Past Lieutenant Governors’ Council or Association will appoint the Chair of the Division PLG Committee to serve as Divisional Contact.
  2. The Chair of the District PLG Committee shall recommend, through the Executive of the Committee, all other committees necessary to ensure proper functioning of the District PLG Committee, and may appoint the Chairs for those committees.





  1. The Annual Meeting of the Past Lieutenant Governors' Committee shall be at the time and location of the annual District Convention.
  2. Special meetings shall be held on call of the Chairman and approval of the District Governor, provided that such meetings shall not be held less than thirty (30) days prior to the annual District Convention.
  3. A majority of the members present at any duly called meeting shall constitute a quorum, provided at least twenty (20) current members are present.
  4. Notification to the current membership of any special meeting shall be made in writing by the Chair or Secretary at least thirty (30) days in advance to the Divisional Contacts, and, when possible, advertised in the District Newsletter and on the District PLG Committee Website.




  1. Nominations and Election shall be held for the four positions of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The incumbent Chair will automatically become Immediate Past Chair when a new Chair is selected.
  2. The Chair may appoint a committee to be known as the Nominating Committee. This committee shall consist of three (3) current members of the Past Lieutenant Governors' Committee. The Chair shall designate the chair of this committee. The duties of this committee shall be to make nominations, with the consent of those nominated, and to prepare a ballot of said officers.
  3. Further nominations from the floor may be made, provided consent has been given by the nominee.
  4. Voting will be by a show of hands or by ballot at the discretion of the Chair. There shall be no voting by proxy or absentee ballot.




The Secretary shall keep written minutes of each meeting and shall disseminate these Minutes to the Executive and Divisional Contacts within thirty (30) days of such meeting. As well, information on key decisions or activities will be posted to District Newsletter, and on the District PLG Committee Website.




The Past Lieutenant Governors' Committee discuss, at its Annual Meeting, the development and implementation of plans and activities to fulfill the purposes of the Committee, as contained in B of these Policies.




  1. A contribution shall be set for the following year at the Annual Meeting. The current contribution is set at $10.00.  
  2. The Treasurer shall, receive all donations and gifts from the Past Lieutenant Governors and other sources, maintain an accurate accounting of all funds and be prepared to give an accounting of receipts and disbursements at the Annual Meeting or any other time he or she is called upon to do so.




  1. The fiscal year of the Past Lieutenant Governors' Committee shall begin on the first day of October each year.
  2. The Treasurer shall submit a financial report to the Past Lieutenant Governors' Committee at each convention or any other time he or she is called upon, through the Executive, to do so.
  3. The Official depository for the Past Lieutenant Governors' Committee funds shall be the EC&C District. The District may maintain a separate accounting for the PLG Committee but should, at all times, appropriately show on its balance sheet the financial position of the PLG Committee.
  4. All funds shall be deposited in the name of the Past Lieutenant Governors' Committee. All disbursements from the accounts of the PLG Committee by the EC&C District office [District Secretary-Treasurer - DST] shall be approved, in writing, by the Treasurer and one other member of the Executive of the PLG committee. Where applicable, cheques drawn on the Past Lieutenant Governors' Committee account shall be signed by the EC&C DST in accordance with the signing authority of the EC&C District.



Any amendment/changes to these Policies may be adopted by an affirmative majority vote of the current members present at any meeting where there is a quorum present.  




PLG Committee promotes the use of the Kiwanis Motto: "Serving the Children of the World"




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