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Eastern Canada and the Caribbean
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At the August 5, 2010 meeting of the PLG Committee of EC&C District the following sub-committee was formed:  

PLG Strategic Planning Sub-Committee :


  • To develop vision and mission statements to determine the mandate of the PLG Committee.
  • To review and amend the current PLG policies where necessary.   

Members: John Hamilton - Chair, Glenn Pushman, Robert Normand, Peter Tudisco, and Gerthlyn Reid-Holman.                      

As the first step we have developed the following Vision and Mission Statements:


As an engaged group of Kiwanis leaders within our diverse and unique District of Eastern Canada the Caribbean, the PLG Committee is committed to building a strong viable District.We work closely with all District governing bodies, and particularly Club leaders, in developing and implementing innovative ways to ensure the District maintains its role as the premier Service Organization delivering needed services to the children of our District.


The District PLG Committee, through Regional and Divisional sub-committees, will ensure all PLGs will be able to participate in the future of our District. We will actively participate ,along with the Executive, Regional and Board Trustees in the development of District bylaws and policy and procedures. We will play an active role in District activities including District conventions and Regional meetings. We will work closely with Club leaders to effect positive changes in membership growth and service. We are committed to a sustainable District through positive involvement of all PLGs.


All Past LG's from EC&C District are invited to send their thoughts and comments on this matter to Rick Brooks- Chair, at



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