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      Eastern Canada & Caribbean District – Kiwanis International     


2015 PLG Committee meeting minutes

PLG Minutes of May 15 2014 -

PLG Committee Meeting, August 15, 2013

PLG Committee Meeting May17th 2012



  2009-2010 PLG Committee Meeting

           Thursday August 5, 2010 – 1:00 p.m. to 2:15 p.m.

                          Delta Brunswick Hotel, Saint John, NB



  • Call to Order                   -     Chair- John Hamilton
  • Introductions                 -     Chair- John Hamilton
  • Approval of Agenda
  • Minutes of August 5/09   
  • Treasurer’s Report       -     Chair- John Hamilton
  • Chairperson’s Report   -     Chair- John Hamilton
  • Election of Officers      -     PLG  - Ray Desroches
  • Address from Gov. Elect Paul
  • New Business :
    • Sub-Committee/Communication
    • Regionalization
  • Adjourn


                                         ECC District, Kiwanis International

                                Past Lieutenant Governors Committee Meeting

                                  Delta Hotel , Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada

                                                  August 6, 2009


 The meeting was opened by Chairman Leigh Prescott who welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for their attendance. He invited PLG Anthony Haile (Division 26) to give the invocation.

The Chairman apologized for Secretary PLG Bill Downham who is in the process of changing jobs and was unable to attend and Treasurer Jim McIntosh who is in the process of merging companies and was also unable to attend.   

There were no minutes from the previous meeting, however, from notes taken by the Chairman and others he revealed some of the important points which were as follows:


  • Motion by Trevor Dunn for the sum of $500 to be donated to the HIV/AIDS project was defeated.
  • Elections were conducted and PLG Leigh Prescott won over PLG John Hamilton for Chairman.  Bill and Jim were returned as Secretary and Treasurer respectively by acclamation.
  • The First Timers Cocktail reception was very successful as there were 75 such members and approximately $461.23 spent on the event.


The chairman indicated that this year’s First Timers Cocktail Reception was to be held at 2:30 and encouraged all PLG’s to attend. He further indicated that he attended the midwinter Board meeting in Ocho Rios, Jamaica and conducted numerous conference calls on behalf of the members. 

The Financial Report was given by PLG Patrick Charlerbois  on behalf of the Treasurer. As of the meeting there was a total of $1908.16 in the Bank. This was as a result of $5.00 being collected from all PLGs attending in Niagara Falls $400 was collected and $395.00 spent on First Timer’s event.

This year the coffee (which we now had to pay for) was estimated at $100 and drinks expected to cost $6-$7 which will result in an approximate cost of $650.

It was moved by Bob Bogardis and seconded by Stuart McCormick that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted as presented, the Motion was carried.


The chairman indicated that the main purpose of the meeting was for the conduction of an election; therefore, he invited PLG Ray DeRoche

to conduct the same.


Election of Chairman

Robert Normand moved and Pierre Coderre seconded the nomination of Leigh Prescott.  Alan Ure moved and Bob Bogardis seconded the nomination of John Hamilton.  Both candidates addressed the audience.  It was moved by Past Governor Joanne Murray that the voting be conducted by ballots.  It was agreed unanimously.  

The result of Elections for Chairman was in favor of John Hamilton Division 8.  Motion to destroy ballots was moved and approved.    

Election of Vice Chair

Janet Atkinson nominated and Madeline Riley seconded the nomination of Shirley Bradley as the vice chair.  John Hamilton moved and Bob Bogardis seconded to close that nomination.

Election for Secretary

It was indicated that Bill Downham would serve if nominated.

Anthony Allens was nominated by Trevor Dunn. Gerthlyn Reid-Holman was also nominated.

It was moved by Kim Conrad that nominations be closed, seconded by Serge Viau. The result of Elections of Secretary was in favor of Anthony Allens Division 22.  Motion to destroy ballots was moved and approved.


Election of Treasurer

Jim McIntosh was nominated by Patrick Charlebois. Sam Bhargara was nominated but declined.  Kim Conrad was nominated but declined; therefore Jim McIntosh was elected by acclamation.

Ray reminded members that once individuals would have served one term as Lieutenant Governor, they were entitled to be a member of their group not withstanding they may be serving for another term.


Chairman Leigh Prescott resumed the meeting by inviting Governor Sharon to address the group.  She commented on the reservoir of information and knowledge in the room.  She expressed the value of PLG’s to our Clubs, Division and indeed the

District. She challenged us to be more vocal in matters of concern and to improve on our networking skills.  She furthers encouraged us to continue in doing the great job we are currently doing and to enjoy the convention.

Governor Designate Gary Levine was then invited to bring remarks.  He thanked all for stepping up as leaders in all areas.  He also commented on the wealth of knowledge in the meeting.  He said he wanted to stress three (3) goals:-

  • Communicating
  • Marketing
  • Growth


He encouraged us all to be MAD about Kiwanis and he is looking forward to working closely with PLG’s in his term in office.

The question of the donation to the HIV/AIDS project arose again and a  very lively discussions ensued. Concerns were raised as to the use of PLG’s funds for projects outside of what the committee was set up for; sending a message that the leaders support the HIV/AID’s project.  In the end it was suggested that a special donation be collected for HIV/AID’s, this was done and netted C$400.00.

Therefore the motion for a contribution from the committee was withdrawn. Past Governor Trevor suggested that next year some packages on new challenges for LG’s be presented to keep us in the “loop” so to speak.

Stuart McCormack presented Image Wear, which allows Kiwanians to purchase clothing items at a substantial discount. The point was made that we should stick to the Kiwanis colors. He also indicated that this program was endorsed by Kiwanis International.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:15 p.m. Members were encouraged to attend the First Timers Cocktail reception.


Minutes taken by DLG Anthony Div 22






Marje Slimn

Div 6

Stanford/ Niagara

Chuck McIlravry

Div 9

East York

Allen Ure

Div 4


John Hamilton

Div 8


Peter Tudisco

Div 5


Bob Bogardis

Div 8


Jim Sterls

Div 5


Joanne Murry

Div 5


Anthony Haile

Div 26


Gerthlyn Reid-Halman

Div 23-East

New Kingston

Pal Sneyd

Div 9


Kay Anderson

Div 23 – E

KC New Kingston

Burt Green

Div 18


Serge Viau

Div 2


Janet Atkinson

Div 12


Benoit Chartier

Div 3

Timmins Ont

Sam Bhargara

Div 12


Shirley Bagnell

Div 20


Glen Bagnell

Div 20


Sylvia Logan

Div 4

West Lorne

Greg Newton

Div 13


Patrick Charlebois

Div 16

Trios Rivieres

Sharon Cameron-Dunn

Div 23


Stuart McCormick

Div 9


Kim Conrad

Div 20


Ed Kelly

Div 18

Western Kings

Pierre Coderre

Div 12


Robert Normand

Div 12


Gary Levinc

Div 8

Owen Sound

Madelane Riley

Div 14

Ville Maue (Montreal)

Betty Willson

Div 9


Pierre Laliberte

Div 16


Alain Bertrand

Div 16


Navara Dernnis

Div 24

St. Mary JA

Eugennie Simpson

Div 25


Robert (Bobby) Moo Young

Div 25

Montego Freeport

Alex Cohall

Div 25

Montego Freeport

Lloyd W Distant (Sr)

Div 23E

Downtown Kingston, Jam

Ernest Marshall

Div 27

Barbados South

F. David Thamer

Div 4

Forest City / London

Jefferson Reeves

Div 27


Carol Etmansi

Div 5

Waterloo North

Trevor C. Dunn

Dev 23 W


Kim Conrad           

Div 20


Ray DeRoche

Div 20


Gordon Hume

Div 7


Dave Lochead

Div 13



Div 12


Anthony Allens

Div 22

Over the Hill




                                               CHAIRPERSON’S REPORT                                       


First of all, thank you for allowing me to be the PLG Chairperson for the year 2009-2010. It really has been a learning experience for me. There are a few things I have discovered:

  • The PLG Committee is an unstructured organization with no determinable mandate or specific purpose.
  • It lacks a set of goals and a sense of where it fits in the structure of the EC&C District.
  • Very few Divisions actually have PLG Committees. Those that do don’t work together in any effective manner.
  •  Member record keeping is very poor with neither the Committee nor District having accurate records.
  • We don’t have an effective model for communicating

Sorry to start out on this negative tone but the good news is that all of the above can be corrected. We have a very strong group of individuals who want to make a difference. We simply have to figure out where we can do our best for Kiwanis – governance, growth, mentoring, planning etc.

During the 2009-10 year we made some progress in organizing the information gathering and communications. We developed a website which still requires some work and we have started a database of contact information on all Past Lieutenant Governors. Much more work is required. 

If I am permitted to continue as PLG Chair I propose the following:

  • We complete development of the website and assign a webmaster to keep the information current.
  • The database of contact information is completed and maintained in a current manner.
  • A sub-committee is assembled now with a mandate to develop a mission statement and purpose for the PLG Committee.  From this analysis we will derive some specific goals for the Year 2010 –2011.
  • Develop a strategy to significantly increase the number of active Divisional PLG Committees.

The PLG executive cannot do this by themselves. It requires the desire, support and participation of all PLGs to be an effective voice in the District. It is really up to us to step up and accept the challenge.

Respectfully Submitted

John P. Hamilton - PLG Chairperson





                          Financial Statement as at August 5, 2010



Opening Bank Balance August 06, 2009                                             $ 1,908.16


$5.00 per member in attendance – Trois - Rivieres  Convention                 371.46

Donation – HIV/AIDs                                                                                            20.00


E C & C District - First Timers Reception Trois - Rivieres                           351.42

Kiwanis Foundation of Canada - HIV/AIDs Project                                             20.00

DocPC – PLG Committee Website                                                                    225.75


Closing Bank Balance August 5, 2010                                                  $ 1,702.45










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