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History of Our District and Members

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   The Kiwanis District of Ontario-Quebec was established on September 25, 1918 at a meeting held in Toronto Ontario.  There were four clubs in the District at that time - Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Kiwanian A.H. Fitzsimmons was elected to serve as Governor, a position he held until October 23, 1919.

   The District was renamed on December 7, 1927 to Ontario-Quebec-Maritimes.There were four clubs in the Maritimes when the District name was changed; Syndney Nova Scotia, organized November,1923; Yarmouth, Nova Scotia organized June 1925; Saint John, New Brunswick organized December 1926 and Halifax Nova Scotia, organized October 1927.

   The next name change occurred at the 1971 District convention held in Kitchener, Ontario, at which time the House of Delegates voted in favour naming the District the Eastern Canada and Caribbean District.  There were over 16 clubs that were part of the District at that time.  The first club of the Caribbean joining the District was the Kiwanis Club of Nassau, which was organized 1962.

Members Serving Kiwanis Above and Beyond Club and Division


   Throughout the years many of members of the now Eastern Canada and the Caribbean District have continued their service to Kiwanis beyond their Division.  The following Kiwanians belong to this group:

George W. Stout Hamilton 1917 -1918 3rd Vice President K.I.
Alex. H. Fitzsimmons Ottawa 1918 District Governor
George R. Ross Toronto 1918 - 1919 3rd Vice President K.I.
1919 - 1922 K.I. Trustee
1922 - 1923 K.I. President
1923 - 1924 K.I. President
Harry J. Elliott Montreal 1918 - 1919 K.I. Trustee
1919 - 1920 K.I. President
1920 - 1921 K.I. I.Past President
Dean C. E. Jeakinss Brantford 1919 - 1920 District Governor
Edward J. L' Esperance Montreal 1920 - 1921 District Governor
J Bevan Hay London 1921 - 1922 District Governor
Stuart E de la Ronde Ottawa 1923 part year District Governor
Wm. G. Keddie Ottawa 1923 part year District Governor
Edounard G. Tanguay Quebec 1924 District Governor
J. Walter C. Taylor Montreal 1924 -1925 3rd Vice President K.I.
R. Blake Halladay West Toronto 1925 District Governor
H. Stanley Higman Ottawa 1926 District Governor
1926 -1927 3rd Vice President K.I.
Wm. R. Cockburn Riverdale 1927 District Governor
Fred Page Higgns Toronto 1927 - 1928 2nd Vice President K.I







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